TECO AC Motor Drive A510s Enhanced Series – Advanced Current Vector Control Drive


TECO AC Motor Drive A510s-Enhanced Series – Advanced Current Vector Control Drive

Perfect design for heavy overload applications like crane, lift, elevator, drill, punching and pressing machine, with our up-to-date Auto-tuning function, user can reduce mass setup time and fully extends the performance to its limit. Integrate both induction and permanent-magnet motor control technology. A510s being the newer version.

Model (IP20/NEMA1)

200-240V; 1-150HP
380-480V; 1-425HP
500-600V; 1-10HP (2013/3)

Main Features

0-1200Hz output (V/F mode)
Current Vector Control

Speed Control Ratio & Starting Torque
– Close loop: 1:1000, 200%/0Hz
– Open loop: 1:100, 200%/0.5Hz
Speed and Torque Control Mode

PG Option Card
Over Voltage Suppression
PM Motor Control

Download Catalogue and Manual:

TECO Inverter A510s-Enhanced Catalogue.pdf
TECO Inverter A510s-Enhanced Manual.pdf

Download Software:

JN5 DriveLink setup (V1.73) – 510 series PC-Link

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