Company Brochure
AI (AVSLD INTERNATIONAL) Company Brochure.pdf

PRECIMA Spring-Applied Electromagnetic Safety Brakes & Brake Rectifiers
PRECIMA Safety Brakes & Brake Rectifiers – General Information.pdf
Catalogue FDB.pdf
Manual FDB eng 04.13.pdf
Catalogue FDW.pdf
Manual FDW eng 11.12.pdf
Catalogue FDX.pdf
Manual FDX eng 10.09.pdf
Catalogue FDD.pdf
Manual FDD eng 04.13.pdf
Catalogue FDR.pdf
Data Sheet FLC.pdf
Catalogue Precima Rectifiers.pdf
OLK, OLG Clutches & OLB, OMB Brakes.pdf
Precima brake solutions for Pitch- and Yaw-drives catalog.pdf

MOTOVARIO Geared Motors
Brochure VSF Series NMRV Worm Gear.pdf
Brochure VSF Series NMRX Worm Gear.pdf
Brochure H Series Helical Gear.pdf
Brochure B Series Helical Bevel Gear.pdf
Brochure S Series Shaft Mounted Gear.pdf

NORD Geared Motors:
NEW NORD Constant Speed (UNICASE & NORDBLOC.1) g1000_ie3_50hz_en.pdf
NEW NORD Universal Worm Gear Units g1035_ie1_ie2_ie3_en_3717.pdf
NEW NORD Motors m7000_6000602_en_0323-2.pdf
NORD Unicase G1000 4710 (IE1)
 –  Part A-Explanatory Notes.pdf
 –  Part B-Helical Gear Units.pdf
 –  Part C-Parallel Shaft Gear Units.pdf
 –  Part D-Helical-Bevel Gear Units.pdf
 –  Part E-Helical-Worm Gear Units.pdf
 –  Part F-Motors.pdf
 –  Part G-Brake Motors and Brakes.pdf
 –  Part H-General Parts List.pdf
NORD UNIVERSAL G1035_IE1_IE2_IE3_EN_4813.pdf
NORDBLOC.1 G1012_IE1_IE2_IE3_EN_1614.pdf

SEW-Eurodrive Geared Motors
SEW Geared Motors DRN 24832936 with correction (IE3)
 –  Part 1 Introduction (DRN-IE3).pdf
 –  Part 2 Product description (DRN-IE3).pdf
 –  Part 3 Overviews of types and type designations (DRN-IE3).pdf
 –  Part 4 Project planning for drives (DRN-IE3).pdf
 –  Part 5 Gear unit mounting positions and order information (DRN-IE3).pdf
 –  Part 6 Design and operating notes (DRN-IE3).pdf
 –  Part 7 Important information on selection tables and dimensional drawings (DRN-IE3).pdf
 –  Part 8 Helical gearmotors (DRN-IE3).pdf
 –  Part 9 Parallel-shaft helical gearmotors (DRN-IE3).pdf
 –  Part 10 Helical-bevel gearmotors (DRN-IE3).pdf
 –  Part 11 Helical-worm gearmotors (DRN-IE3).pdf
 –  Part 12 SPIROPLAN gearmotors.pdf
 –  Part 13 Technical data of the motors (DRN-IE3).pdf
 –  Part 14 Address directory SEW-EURODRIVE (DRN-IE3).pdf
SEW Geared Motors DRS 16840011 (IE1)
 –  Part 1 Introduction.pdf
 –  Part 2 Product Description.pdf
 –  Part 3 Unit Designations and Design Variants.pdf
 –  Part 4 Project Planning for Drives.pdf
 –  Part 5 Project Planning for Gear Units.pdf
 –  Part 6 Mounting Positions and Important Order Information.pdf
 –  Part 7 Design and Operating Notes.pdf
 –  Part 8 Important Information, Tables and Dimension Sheets.pdf
 –  Part 9 Helical Gearmotors.pdf
 –  Part 10 Parallel Shaft Helical Gearmotors.pdf
 –  Part 11 Helical-Bevel Gearmotors.pdf
 –  Part 12 Helical-Worm Gearmotors.pdf
 –  Part 13 Spiroplan® Gearmotors.pdf
 –  Part 14 Technical Data for DR AC Brakemotors.pdf
 –  Part 15 Abbreviation Key and Index.pdf
SEW Gear Units 16997611
 –  Part 1 introduction-and-product-description-of-the-gear-units.pdf
 –  Part 2 overview-of-types-and-type-designation.pdf
 –  Part 3 project-planning-information.pdf
 –  Part 4 mounting-position-of-gear-units.pdf
 –  Part 5 design-and-operating-notes.pdf
 –  Part 6 important-notes-on-selection-tables-and-dimension-sheet.pdf
 –  Part 7 helical-gear-units.pdf
 –  Part 8 parallel-shaft-helical-gear-units.pdf
 –  Part 9 helical-bevel-gear-units.pdf
 –  Part 10 helical-worm-gear-units.pdf
 –  Part 11 spiroplan-gear-units.pdf
 –  Part 12 abbreviation-key-and-address-directory.pdf

SUMITOMO Geared Motors
Cyclo 6000 C2001E-7.8H (IE1)
 –  Cyclo 6000 C2001E-7.8H Part A1-A12 – Common.pdf
 –  Cyclo 6000 C2001E-7.8H Part B1-B154 – Gearmotors.pdf
 –  Cyclo 6000 C2001E-7.8H Part C1-C88 – Gear Reducers.pdf
 –  Cyclo 6000 C2001E-7.8H Part D1-D40 – Gearmotor for inverters.pdf
 –  Cyclo 6000 C2001E-7.8H Part E1-E66 – Technical Data.pdf
 –  Cyclo 6000 C2001E-7.8H Part F1-F2 – Warranty Standard.pdf
Cyclo 6000 IE3 Japanese L2037-1.1_L.pdf
Hyponic N2201E-6.0_inside ver 2.pdf
Bevel Buddybox BBB4_AP-BBB-0101_201310.pdf
Prest Neo.pdf

TECO Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)
TECO Inverter A510s Enhanced Catalogue.pdf
TECO Inverter A510s Enhanced Manual.pdf

TECO Inverter A510s Catalogue.pdf
TECO Inverter A510s Manual.pdf
TECO Inverter A510 Catalogue.pdf
TECO Inverter A510 Manual.pdf
TECO Inverter E510 Catalogue.pdf
TECO Inverter E510 Manual.pdf

TECO Inverter E510s Catalogue.pdf
TECO Inverter F510 Enhanced Catalogue.pdf
TECO Inverter F510 Enhanced Manual.pdf

TECO Inverter F510 Catalogue.pdf
TECO Inverter F510 Manual.pdf
TECO Inverter L510s Catalogue.pdf
TECO Inverter L510s Manual.pdf

TECO Inverter L510 Catalogue.pdf
TECO Inverter L510 Manual.pdf
TECO FM100/ TAIAN N2 Inverter Catalogue.pdf
TECO FM100/ TAIAN N2 Inverter Manual.pdf
TECO Inverter T310 Catalogue.pdf
TECO Inverter T310 User Manual 2022.3.31 En.pdf
TECO Inverter T310 Quick Setting Manual 4KA72X811W11_V02 TEK.pdf

TECO Electric Motors
TECO Motor AEEB Catalogue.pdf
TECO Motor AEEV Catalogue.pdf
TECO Motor AESV-AESU-New (IE1-2-3).pdf
TECO Motor AESV-AESU (IE1-2-3).pdf
TECO Motor Exproof AEEBXZ (ATEX Cert) Catalogue.pdf
TECO Motor Exproof AEEDXU (IEC-UL) Catalogue.pdf
TECO Motor Exproof AEEAXU (NEMA-UL) Catalogue.pdf
TECO Medium & Large Motor Instruction Manual.pdf
TECO Small Motor Instruction Manual.pdf

TECOM Pro-3200 All-Smart Portable Vibration Diagnosis Instrument
TECOM Pro-3200 Portable Vibration Analyzer & Diagnosis Instrument.pdf
Tecom Pro-3200 PVDI Installation Guide & Measurement-Procedures.pdf

CEMP Flameproof-Explosionproof Motors
Cemp-comprehensive-range brochure.pdf
Cemp-flameproof-explosion-proof-motors catalogue.pdf

ELPROM EB3 Flameproof-Explosionproof Motors
ELPROM EB3 Flameproof-Explosionproof Motors.pdf

WONDER Electric Motors
WONDER Electric Single Phase Induction Motor – Series MY, ML.pdf
WONDER Electric IE1 3-Phase Induction Motor – Series WY, RMS.pdf
WONDER Electric IE2 3-Phase Induction Motor – Series WE.pdf
WONDER Electric IE3 3-Phase Induction Motor – Series SWE.pdf

External Force Cooling Fans
Dimension drawing_63-160_1LA7.pdf
Air flow capacity_2p4p.pdf
Noise level_2p4p.pdf
Supply voltage_3_230_2p.pdf
Supply voltage_3_230_4p.pdf
Wire connection.pdf