PRECIMA FDB Solid Safety Brakes

PRECIMA FDB Solid Safety Brakes

Since many years our FDB brake has a name as the absolute reliable brake for use in almost every application. As standard this brake is available in 10 different sizes for static or dynamic braking with re-settable air gap design.

Due to several variations and options, this brake series are preferred by motor manufactures for universal use.

  • C – Version for adjustable braking torque
  • N – Version with fixed braking torque


  • manual hand release
  • micro switch or inductive sensor to monitor brake function or wear limit
  • friction plate or adapter flange
  • tapped holes for tacho mounting
  • dust protection ring
  • temperature sensor
  • rest period heating
  • low noise version

Universal Brake With Versatile Module

Download Catalogue and Manual:

Manual FDB eng 04.13.pdf
Precima brake solutions for Pitch- and Yaw-drives catalog.pdf

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