NEMA Enclosure Type versus IEC Enclosure IP Code

NEMA enclosure classifications versus IEC enclosure classifications

NEMA enclosure classifications are developed by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and used in the U.S./American market.

Ingress Protection – IP – ratings are developed by the European Committee for Electro Technical Standardization (CENELEC) (described IEC/EN 60529), and specifies the environmental protection and enclosure provided.

The table below can be used to convert from NEMA Enclosure Types to IEC Enclosure Types:

Note! NEMA standards meet or exceed IEC standards. The conversion does not work in the opposite direction.

NEMA Enclosure Type IEC Enclosure IP Code
1 General Purpose – Indoor IP 10
2 Drip-Proof – Indoor IP 11
3 Dust-tight, Rain-tight, Sleet-tight – Outdoor IP 54
3R Rain-tight, Sleet Resistant – Outdoor IP 14
3S Dust-tight, Rain-tight, Sleet-tight – Outdoor IP 54
4 Water-tight, Dust-tight, Sleet Resistant – Indoor & Outdoor IP 56
4X Water-tight, Dust-tight, Corrosion-Resistant – Indoor & Outdoor IP 56
5 Dust-tight, Drip-Proof – Indoor IP 52
6 Occasionally Submersible, Watertight, Sleet Resistant – Indoor & Outdoor IP 67
6P Water-tight, Sleet Resistant- Prolonged Submersion – Indoor & Outdoor IP 67
12 Dust-tight and Drip-tight- Indoor IP 52
12K Dust-tight and Drip-tight, with Knockouts – Indoor IP 52
13 Oil-tight and Dust-tight – Indoor IP 54