TECO AC Motor Drive F510 Enhanced – Fan & Pump Drive


TECO AC Motor Drive F510 Enhanced – Fan & Pump Drive

With accurate auto-tune of motor parameters, users improve the efficiency of the complete system effectively. Built-in control, sleep and fire modes favorable for pumps, fans, compressors, and HVAC and communication network protocol of Modbus/ BACnet/ Metasys N2 for building automation reduces the installing cost and reaches high energy efficient. Automatic energy saving (AES) functions pushes F510 series into the high application demands of most industries.


200-240V; 1-175HP
380-480V; 1-800HP
380-480V; 1-100HP

Special Features (For PUMP)

Build in Modbus/ BACNet/ Matasys
Constant-Pressure Control
Easy Multi Drives Connection
1 to 8 Pump Control Option Card
Keypad & Functions for Pump
    – Local/Remote control
    – Pressure (PSI) & Flow (CFM) display (LCM)
Real Time Clock, Timer Control (LCM)

Special Features (For HVAC)

Build in Modbus/ BACNet/ Matasys
Keypad & Functions for HVAC
    – HOA (Hand Off Auto) panel design
    – Fire mode
    – Pressure (PSI) & Flow (CFM) display (LCM)
Spin Start Control
Auto Energy Saving Function
PM Motor Control

Download Catalogue and Manual:

TECO Inverter F510 Enhanced Catalogue.pdf
TECO Inverter F510 Enhanced Manual.pdf

Download Software:

JN5 DriveLink setup (V1.73) – 510 series PC-Link

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