TECO Electric Motors


TECO Electric, being one of the top 5 motor manufacturers in the world, provides a total solution of both motors and drives.

It’s extensive range of industrial electric motors covers from the size of fractional rating up to 100,000HP, voltage range from general home supply up to 13.2KV, in single as well as three phases.


Download Brochures & Manuals:

TECO Motor AEEB.pdf
TECO Motor AEEV.pdf
TECO Motor AESV-AESU-New (IE1-2-3).pdf
TECO Motor AESV-AESU (IE1-2-3).pdf
TECO Motor Exproof AEEBXZ (ATEX Cert).pdf
TECO Motor Exproof AEEDXU (IEC-UL).pdf
TECO Motor Exproof AEEAXU (NEMA-UL).pdf

TECO Medium & Large Motor Instruction Manual.pdf
TECO Small Motor Instruction Manual.pdf

Singapore – Introducing Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for Motors:


Singapore Efficiency Regulations for Electrical Motors
International Efficiency Regulations For Electrical Motors

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