PRECIMA Full-Wave Bridge(PMB), Half-Wave(PME) & Fast Excitation(PMG) Brake Rectifiers

Precima Rectifers
Precima Rectifers

PRECIMA Full-Wave (Bridge), Half-Wave & Fast Excitation Brake Rectifiers
PMB = Bridge (or Full-Wave) Rectifier
PME = Half-Wave Rectifier
PMG = Fast Response Rectifier

These compact modules have been specially designed to be fitted into the terminal boxes of electric-motors.

The PME half wave rectifier which halves the supply voltage (45% of the supply voltage) is the most cost effective.

The PMB full wave bridge rectifier produces a smooth DC voltage (90% of the supply voltage).

Both rectifiers are available for switching on AC or DC side.

Varistors in the input and output protect the rectifiers from surge voltage.

The PMG fast excitation rectifier is recommended whenever short release time or low dissipation is required. It combines the benefits of the half wave and bridge rectifiers.

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AC Voltage Switching versus DC Voltage Switching of a Rectifier
Precima Fast Excitation Rectifier PMG500 & Its Applications

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