SEW-Eurodrive Geared Motors

For over 80 years, SEW-EURODRIVE is movement, tradition, innovation, quality, and service all in one. Not just moving countless conveyor belts, bottling plants, sports stadium roofs, gravel plants, assembly lines, processes in the chemical industry, your luggage at the airport, or even you on escalators; everyone at SEW-EURODRIVE is moving and working everyday on creating the future of drive automation and making it a little better. This is how SEW-EURODRIVE has evolved throughout its history to become the market leader in the industry of drive automation with a turnover of more than EUR 2.5 billion.

SEW Helical RX series (single-stage)
heical gear rxRX
SEW Helical R series (two-/ three-stage)
heical gear rR
SEW Helical RM series (for agitators)
heical gear rmRM
SEW Parallel Shaft F series (two-/ three-stage)
parallel shaft heical gear fF
SEW Helical Bevel K series (two-/ three-stage)
helical bevel gear kK
SEW Helical Worm S series
helical worm gear sS
SEW Spiroplan® W series
spiroplan gear wW

Download Catalogues:

SEW Geared Motors DRN 24832936 with correction (IE3)
Part 1 Introduction (DRN-IE3).pdf
Part 2 Product description (DRN-IE3).pdf
Part 3 Overviews of types and type designations (DRN-IE3).pdf
Part 4 Project planning for drives (DRN-IE3).pdf
Part 5 Gear unit mounting positions and order information (DRN-IE3).pdf
Part 6 Design and operating notes (DRN-IE3).pdf
Part 7 Important information on selection tables and dimensional drawings (DRN-IE3).pdf
Part 8 Helical gearmotors (DRN-IE3).pdf
Part 9 Parallel-shaft helical gearmotors (DRN-IE3).pdf
Part 10 Helical-bevel gearmotors (DRN-IE3).pdf
Part 11 Helical-worm gearmotors (DRN-IE3).pdf
Part 12 SPIROPLAN gearmotors.pdf
Part 13 Technical data of the motors (DRN-IE3).pdf
Part 14 Address directory SEW-EURODRIVE (DRN-IE3).pdf

SEW Geared Motors DRS 16840011 (IE1)
Part 1 Introduction.pdf
Part 2 Product Description.pdf
Part 3 Unit Designations and Design Variants.pdf
Part 4 Project Planning for Drives.pdf
Part 5 Project Planning for Gear Units.pdf
Part 6 Mounting Positions and Important Order Information.pdf
Part 7 Design and Operating Notes.pdf
Part 8 Important Information, Tables and Dimension Sheets.pdf
Part 9 Helical Gearmotors.pdf
Part 10 Parallel Shaft Helical Gearmotors.pdf
Part 11 Helical-Bevel Gearmotors.pdf
Part 12 Helical-Worm Gearmotors.pdf
Part 13 Spiroplan® Gearmotors.pdf
Part 14 Technical Data for DR AC Brakemotors.pdf
Part 15 Abbreviation Key and Index.pdf

SEW Gear Units 16997611
Part 1 introduction-and-product-description-of-the-gear-units.pdf
Part 2 overview-of-types-and-type-designation.pdf
Part 3 project-planning-information.pdf
Part 4 mounting-position-of-gear-units.pdf
Part 5 design-and-operating-notes.pdf
Part 6 important-notes-on-selection-tables-and-dimension-sheet.pdf
Part 7 helical-gear-units.pdf
Part 8 parallel-shaft-helical-gear-units.pdf
Part 9 helical-bevel-gear-units.pdf
Part 10 helical-worm-gear-units.pdf
Part 11 spiroplan-gear-units.pdf
Part 12 abbreviation-key-and-address-directory.pdf

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