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The history of Sumitomo Group began as early as 400 years ago and it was in 2003, “Sumitomo Drive Technologies” was officially launched by Sumitomo Heavy Industries as a global brand name to bind its power transmission businesses in the world.


We are always moving forward in pursuit of new ideas that inspire our partners to create new values that will change the world.
Each of our skilled, knowledgeable, creative employees contributes to the creation of unique technologies and innovative solutions that meet and exceed our partners’ expectations.
Our global network facilitates premier support of our partners’ needs.

We stand poised to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, so that our partners may walk with confidence as industry leaders.

Always on the Move

Sumitomo Drive Technologies: A dependable partner, creating unprecedented change and opening up unseen worlds. That is who we are.

Cyclo® 6000

Cyclo 6000

Cyclo® 6000 Technical Information
Cyclo® Technical Information
Features of Cyclo® 6000:

    Quiet, Efficient and Reliable

    Torque Transfer by Compression

    500% Shock Load

    Lesser Number of Parts, Easy Maintenance

    24-Month Warranty, Regardless of Hours of Operation

Download Catalogues:

Cyclo 6000 C2001E-7.8H (IE1)
Cyclo 6000 C2001E-7.8H Part A1-A12 – Common.pdf
Cyclo 6000 C2001E-7.8H Part B1-B154 – Gearmotors.pdf
Cyclo 6000 C2001E-7.8H Part C1-C88 – Gear Reducers.pdf
Cyclo 6000 C2001E-7.8H Part D1-D40 – Gearmotor for inverters.pdf
Cyclo 6000 C2001E-7.8H Part E1-E66 – Technical Data.pdf
Cyclo 6000 C2001E-7.8H Part F1-F2 – Warranty Standard.pdf




Features of Hyponic®:

    Robust Long Life

    High Performance & High Efficiency

    Maintenance Free

Download Catalogue:

Hyponic N2201E-6.0_inside ver 2.pdf

Cyclo® Bevel BuddyBox-4

Cyclo Bevel BuddyBox 4

Cyclo® Bevel BuddyBox-4 Technical Information
Cyclo® Bevel BuddyBox 4 Technical Information
Features of Cyclo® Bevel BuddyBox-4:

The Cyclo® BBB4 combines the strength and flexibility of the Cyclo® gear reducer and a single stage right angle spiral bevel gearbox in a rugged right-angle gearbox design. With a 18-month warranty, regardless of hours of operation, the Cyclo® BBB4 is an excellent choice for applications in material handling, asphalt mixers, specialty machine industries, conveyors, and other applications requiring right angle orientation of speed reducers.

Download Catalogue:

Bevel Buddybox BBB4_AP-BBB-0101_201310.pdf

Prest® Neo

Prest Neo

Prest® Neo Technical Information
Prest® Neo Technical Information
Features of Prest® Neo:

    Gears are designed with high contact ratio and high stiffness to lower the noise

    Compact design achieved using high stiffness casing and new motor design

    Triple lip seal for leakage protection is excellent choice for food & beverage manufacturing application installations

    High radial capacity bearing and high stiffness casing increase Radial Load Capacity

    Reduced brake noise

    Powder coated paint using thermosetting method for higher stain and scratch resistance (does not contain any organic solvent)

Download Catalogue:

Prest Neo.pdf



Astero® Technical Information
Astero® Technical Information
Features of Astero®:

Engineered for reliability, the Astero is remarkably rugged in construction and incorporates helical gearing for maximum efficiency and quiet operation. Astero is a cost-effective solution for OEMs who require optimum performance, quality construction and versatility, all backed by the stability and support of a world-leader in drive technology.

    High quality, rugged construction with precision ball bearings, steel gears and cast aluminum housing

    Greased-for-life design provides maintenance-free operation

    Design combines intermediate helical gears on parallel, steel shafts generating maximum efficiency

    Sealed gearhead allows universal mounting for easy adaptability into small spaces and infinite installation positions

    Multiple motor, brake, and speed controller configurations ideal for an extensive list of applications

Download Catalogue:


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